1. I want to choose a brand name that represents the product.
  2. I need to think of a vision statement.
  3. I need a domain name and I have Budget < $15 per year.
  4. I need a logo.
  5. How much time is enough time to spend on all of these?


  1. I came up with the name "BAR" which represented the words Bendable, Anti-stress, Reusable and it's easy to remember.
  2.  My vision statement was: "Say Goodbye To Work Stress With A Pen Called BAR". Not the best, I know 😏.


  Google says...


What is a good vision statement?

A good vision statement should be short, simple, specific to your business, leave nothing open to interpretation. It should also have some ambition.


       3. Pick a domain name which is ideally the same as your Brand name and easy to remember. Use as a suffix one of the big three suffixes such as com, .net and .org. They are the oldest and most widely used domain suffixes and this helps a lot with SEO.

Why you should care about SEO? Hello! Because you have no money to burn on Ads so please DO DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO optimise your SEO so that you get surfaced in google search and other search engineers.

In my case, I picked the domain which costs me $9.06 per year and it could have been better I admit.


In case your budget is lower this try: Save up to 74% off on top domains at Namecheap!


      4. Finally the fun part, Icons, colours, drawings! You will find many options available free and paid. Here are my five favourite sites with icons to create logos.







      5. In my opinion, do not spend more than a couple of days for these tasks. However, your brand will be the first thing that someone sees when they visit your product. Do make a quick decision but not a lighthearted one.
If you do mess up, you can always go back and change your brand when you become famous and successful. You have a lot more difficult tasks to complete to get there, trust me, I know, I am not even close 😬.
Many companies have done rebranding since they started and they turned out fine based on this rebranding lessons post, which I quite enjoyed.


Here is the final "BAR" website after I followed all the above!